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Healing with Horses


How we can help

Hawkesbury Valley Equestrian Centre is a NON-registered provider, offering innovative social participation experiences with horse riding and general horse care, which helps build confidence and self-esteem in participants whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
It helps people learn about themselves and horses, builds relationships and works towards community participation.

At HVEC we aim to inspire and create a love for horses which will last a lifetime. 

Horses are calming animals with an intuitive nature and often respond to the feeling's we show. Because of these qualities, horses can be used to help people heal, respond and understand themselves and others around them.


Each person is different and has different needs, therefore our programs are tailored to each individual based on an initial assessment.

We work out a strategy to meet short, mid and long-term goals.

Participants and their families have been known to see positive results

behaviourally and emotionally, within their equine experience and their every day lives.​

Supports include:

- Caring for a horse

- Learning to ride a horse

- Confidence building activities

- Communication

- Self-Awareness

- Social Participation

- Ground Work

- Horsemanship

- Grooming

- Tacking up


Prices start from $100/hr

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To fast track your application for our Healing with Horses program, you can download the application form direct and email it through to:

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*Please note: We are a NON-Registered Provider, suppling innovative horse experiences to NDIS supported individuals AND the general public!
The benefits of our horse experience can work for anyone from all ages and backgrounds.  

Unfortunately, HVEC does not have wheel chair support/access at this stage. . 

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